Material & Care

Stainless Steel

Most of our bracelets are made of stainless steel material. This is a durable material that is strong, lasts a long time and does not show any signs of discoloration. In addition, the material is nickel-free, so you cannot get an allergic reaction from it.


Although we always advise against showering, swimming or sleeping with the jewelry, these activities are possible with our stainless steel bracelet. The plating of this material will remain beautiful for a long time and will not discolour.

14K Gold

Gold is a valuable metal that will not oxidize or discolor with normal use.

It is a very stylish material, which is very strong and does not discolour. However, your gold jewelry can eventually lose their shine due to, for example, the fat on your skin, which is of course a shame.

You can easily make your dull, gold jewelry shine again by using a toothbrush and a non-abrasive detergent to gently polish your gold jewelry. Avoid contact with bleach and other household cleaners as this can discolor the gold.


Our bracelets are made by hand from a strong satin cord. The bracelet opens by sliding the buttons out and closes by sliding the buttons in.


Do not use greasy creams or oils in combination with the jewellery

Do not expose the jewellery to moisture

Do not spray perfumes directly onto the jewellery

Do not sleep with